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Monday, March 9, 2009

Audio Podcast: Options for Storage Methods of Meats, Fruits and Vegetables

icon for podpress Episode-154- Options for Storage Methods of Meats, Fruits and Vegatables [46:15m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Today we discuss a variety of options for storing surplus meats, fruits and vegetables for long term prepping and day to day use as well.

Tune in Today to Hear…

  • Dehydration as a exceptional long term storage option
  • Smoking and the difference between cold and hot smoking
  • Different ways to build a cold smoking, smoke house
  • Pickling as a storage method
  • Thoughts on canning and water bath vs. pressure canning
  • Freezing (short of a total SHTF, it is a great option)
  • Blanching before freezing and before dehydration
  • Jam, jelly and preserves bring spring flavor to cold winters
  • The traditional method of making biltong, no box required

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