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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

be safe during... a twister!

technically, a tornado can occur anytime. but texas tornado season is typically from march through june, but, so you'd best be gettin' ready.

so, if you chance to meet a tornado (and according to live science, texas is the tornado champion, with an average of 110 tornadoes per year!):

the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to be alert to the onset of severe weather. do not ignore the weather because of indifference or over-confidence - pay attention!

Q: how do i know? what is the difference between a warning and a watch?
A: if a watch has been issued for your area, a tornado is possible. if a warning has been issued for your area, then it means that a tornado has been actually spotted, or is strongly indicated on the radar, and you should seek a safe shelter immediately.

Q: where is the safest place to go during a tornado?
A: unless you have a storm shelter specifically designed for this purpose, the best place to go is into a small, windowless room on the first floor, such as a bathroom or closet. if this is not possible, a hall closet is probably your next best bet. if possible, cover yourself with a mattress to keep flying or falling debris from injuring you or take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture.

Q: how should i prepare for a tornado?
A: make sure that you and your family conduct regular emergency drills - so everyone knows where to go and what to do. the last thing you need is to panic! if you are outside your home, make sure that you have all agreed on a "contact person," someone who is outside the area that you can all contact should you be separated from your family.

and of course, a tornado would be a classic example of when you would need your 72-hour kit. stay tuned for an entire post and checklist for your 72-hour kits.


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