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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Systems Round Up

This is actually a set of links to pieces I’ve written in the past about how to deal with different issues at home. Many of them come from the previous Adapting in Place class, but I thought they might be useful to people, before I move on to new content. I encourage people to read the comments as well, which often have more detail or correctives to my mistakes.

Home Heating and Cooling:

Thinking about heating and cooling in different ways than we have been:

Cooling without A/C (I’m hoping Aaron, who actually lives in a hot climate will have more to say about this):

An overview of heating and insulation:

Living without heat in a cold climate:


How to Capture it from Above and Below:

Toileting, Bathing and Laundry:


What to do when you’ve got no working stove:


This is my two part series on the application of permaculture to housecleaning

Ok, that should keep you busy while I write the next post ;-).



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