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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Homemade cat food

By Joseph Parish

It was not unusual for my wife to awaken early in the morning and make our shar pei dogs Bubba and Bubbles a warm breakfast of oatmeal. This was just about a daily experience for these dogs. Bubba and Bubbles are now gone and we no longer have dogs to cater to.

About several months ago we were grocery shopping at our local Wal-Mart store and a couple had a small kitten. They told my wife that they were about to drop the feline off in the dumpster because they could not afford to care for it. Being the caring type of person she is she took the kitten and brought it home. That kitten is no longer a small kitten but rather is growing into a healthy and well adjusted cat at this time.

It was not long ago that we heard in the news how pet owners were having their cherished animals die as a result of tainted food coming out of China. These foods had some very deadly additives in their composition and as such many people began to make their own dog and cat foods from scratch. Needless to say my wife takes great pains in preparing her cat food just as she did with the dogs. Here is a brief sample of how she prepares the cats daily meals.

A caring pet owner should easily be able to spare a few hours per week to create their pet’s food and store it in their freezer. It takes very little to make small patty servings of various cooked meats, some grains and a few vegetables which are then dried. When it comes time for the animal’s meal you merely have to crumble it up for them in their food dish.

First you have to understand that cats require approximately 33 percent protein to be in their food so you will want to add a good amount of chicken and turkey products in their meals. You can always freeze all your weekly chicken or turkey leftovers until it is time to make “Mr. Kitties” food.

Start by tossing your chicken or turkey carcasses into a large stock pot filled with water. Cook the bones down until you have a solid base for your cat food. If you have any chunks of chicken or turkey to add to the mixture do so now. Add several cubes of butter or margarine to the stock and let it cook for a while. When you feel that it is completely finished cooking take it and let it cool sufficiently and remove any of the bones. Add a container of cottage cheese or perhaps a cup of instant milk mix. If you have any older cheese available in your fridge you could add a bit of that to the stew also. If you have any plain yogurt place it in your pot now.

Add the oatmeal to thicken the soup. You can also dump a can of inexpensive tuna into the pot. When your cooking is finished and properly cooled you can drop it little by little into your blender or food processor. Ladle it out into small muffin size portions and freeze it. Take out only the amount that you will need to feed your cat for the day.

Your cat is sure to enjoy this treat and you will feel better knowing you are providing your loving pet with safe and wholesome foods.

Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish


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