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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recognizing the Signs of Gangs in Your Community

I found this list at the following site.

Check out this list of signs of gang activity in your community. Along with all of
your preps you should always maintain a keen interest in what's going on in your
immediate area of operations. Check out this list and then do a recon of your home
town. Approach this situation from the perspective of trying to determine what is
actually going on and make sure your not projecting what you want the results to be.

Lastly, contact your local Police Department. They are always dealing with the
public and would be the first to notice a change in trends. Just ask someone you
trust for their honest opinion. Often, they will tell you if you just ask.

One of the first signs of the presence of a gang in your neighborhood is graffiti.
Graffiti is a clear marking of territorial boundaries which serves as a warning and
challenge to rival gangs. It is also used to communicate messages between gangs.

The graffiti may indicate the gang's name, the member's nickname, a declaration of
loyalty, a memorial to a slain gang member, threats, challenges, and warnings to
rival gangs, or a description of criminal acts which the gang has been involved.
Gang graffiti is most commonly found on neighborhood walls, fences, and mailboxes.

Another type of gang is known as a tagging crew. Tagging crews are individuals
known as "taggers") who initially group together for the sole purpose of placing
their names or slogans in visible locations or having tagging competitions known as
"battles" with other tagging crews when they are challenged. While tagging can be
done by individuals or crews who have no gang affiliation, trends are showing that
more and more tagging crews are being identified (by law enforcement) as another
type of street gang.

Youths Hanging Out
Another sign that gangs may be in your neighborhood is the presence of large numbers
of youths hanging around public parks, high schools, fast food stands, convenience
stores, and other hang-outs for teenagers. You may also notice the frequent use of
public phone booths by people who actually receive phone calls there.

Drug Houses
Drug gangs set up shop in homes, apartments, or hotels. These sites, known as "rock"
or drug houses, are used for the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of illegal
drugs. Drug houses are usually in disrepair and are the site of many parties. The
most identifiable characteristic of a drug house, however, is the heavy traffic of
people coming into the house for short periods and then leaving.

Increase in Crime
Your community may experience an increase in gang-related crimes such as vandalism,
assaults, burglaries, robberies, and even random drive-by shootings.

Having a sense of situational awareness is the best antidote for an ambush. Like I
said, recon your community and then decide if your home is the best place to make
your stand or not. The presence of an organized gang in your neck of the woods
just may limit your chances of surviving the worst.

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