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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Securing Your Valuables when the SHTF

Original Post: Surviving in Argentina: Hidden Safe

I saw this posting over at Surviving in Argentina and thought I would expand on their thoughts a little deeper. Please check out the original post when you get the chance. FerFal suggested having two safes in your home- one "visible" and one completely hidden from view. The premise being that if or when someone forced you to open the safe you would open and present only the safe that is visible, thus minimizing your losses. Sounds like a good idea, as long as you are able to keep your cool and not reveal the existence of the other, hidden safe through nervousness.

I dug around a bit and found a couple of ideas for the hidden safes. Here are some novel ideas for creating in home caches to protect and secure your valuables.

  • Place your valuables in a big ziplock bag and duct tape it to the back of the refrigerator.
  • Build hidden compartments above the inside of closet door.
  • Construct a false drain in the floor of your garage or basement, you can place a pipe full of money where no one can see. (Just make sure your cash is stored in a waterproof container or baggie, in case an unknowing person tries to use the drain!)
  • Dig a hole and hide your valuables in a pvc pipe to ensure the elements do not damage them. Just don't forget the exact location of your cache.
  • A Return-Air Vent – Use the face plate of an air vent to conceal a cubby you can stash valuables in.
  • Frozen food –Ever hear of the term, cold, hard cash? This is probably where it came from.
  • Tennis ball – cut open a tennis ball, stashing your valuables inside, and then placing the ball back between two others in their original tube container. Just make sure that the goods don’t rattle when you shake them. (You can stuff some tissue paper in with jewelry or coins to hide their sound.)
  • A fake electrical Outlet – Do not use a “real” outlet. You can use a method similar to the return-air vent technique to create your own wall cubby that most smart burglars won’t attempt to touch.
This is just a simple list of possible solutions to this problem. Personally, I like the tennis ball method. If there are any Law Enforcement members out there that could offer their expertise on this subject , I would appreciate it. Also, If you have a great idea and would be willing to share it, please do.

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