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Monday, March 9, 2009

Yurts Revisited

By request I'm posting pertinent links to Yurt information.
Here's where I got started.
The Construction of a Yurt
By Ellisif Fkakkari (Monica Cellio)

Yurt information Here.

From Instructables here.

Barefoot in West Virginia (by god). His FAQ here. Be sure to check out his PV setup.

SCA Mongolian Yurt Part 1 PDF.
SCA mongolian Yurt Part 2 PDF.

Yurt Building - Documents the complete process of building a yurt from raw materials in pictures and text. Good FAQ.

The Tent Lady on Instructables. Building a new 20 foot gertee.
GerTee - Portable tent home made of recycled materials.

My own post's on yurts.

Now if Your handy and have at least a few tools, You are on Your way. Enjoy.


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