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Monday, April 13, 2009

Book Review: Emergency - This Book Will Save Your Life

Harper Collins recently contacted me and sent me a copy of Neil Strauss's new book: Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life. I have to admit I had never read a Neil Strauss book so I know nothing about him. The book arrived a few weeks ago as promised and I have since read it and I must say I did enjoy it. Mr. Strauss really submerged himself in the research he did for the book and went above and beyond in the recommendations many in the survivalist world preach. The book is an easy read and once you pick it up you will not want to put it down. I unfortunately have had several things that actually forced me to put it down. Normally this would have been a two day read for me, max.

The book is broken into five parts:
Five Steps

Orientation is a brief introduction in the who, what, when, where, and why of Mr. Strauss's infatuation with the apocalypse and how he suddenly realized it is more of a possibility than it was prior (at least in his eyes).

Five Steps is a culmination of dangers faced in our world from why people hate us, to Israeli gas masks that suck, to air travel. The topics meander about in a way that is not consistent but still works. It is interesting to read about his experiences and what he views as signs of impending doom all around us.

Escape is a very interesting set of chapters. Mr. Strauss explains how to find loopholes to allow things such as citizenship in another country (dual)...why would you want to do something like this?...for the passport dummy! Who wants to be stuck in a country that HATES Americans with an AMERICAN passport. Some of the tips are extreme and a bit unpractical for most people, but I must admit I was impressed he had gone through such trouble to accomplish his end game. Chapter names such as "War, Genocide and Other Real Estate Scams" and "Why Knocking Up A Brazilian Woman Can Save Your Life" should give you a clue that is not only an interesting book but an entertaining one as well.

Survive covers some real interesting things such as obtaining firearms training, Red Cross and EMT medical training, survival tips, camping tips, evasion advice, motorbikes, etc. This is the real tip section of the book if you will. This is some of the stuff that many of your may be familiar with. I enjoyed reading all the advice and more importantly the experiences that Mr. Strauss shared with his readers.

Rescue covers everything from emergency response, to EMT training, to getting a Ham radio license. It really is amazing the amount of effort and time that the author put into researching this book, he should be commended on that. He covers Katrina and the "governments" plan to save you (yeah right!). My favorite chapter in this section..."The Odds of Dying Horribly" figure it out!

I have no problem recommending this book to my readers. It offers some practical and even some extreme advice that is at least worth give a look. I can't say I will be going for any foreign passports anytime soon but it is interesting to read about the processes and experience. Hats off to Mr. Strauss and all the effort he put into this book!

...that is all.


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