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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home Defense Four- Cheap Solutions

I have never been super worried about they physical aspects of home security. Figure if we are at home it is pretty cut and dry with loaded guns strategically located in the residence. When not around it is just stuff and that is what insurance is for. Lately I have been gone a lot and Wifey has been somewhat worried about home security. She has had a hard time sleeping because she is concerned someone will break in and she won't wake up.

Today we took a couple steps to address her concerns. We got one of those magnetic alarms for the door. It was pretty easy for us to install and makes a heck of a lot of noise. More then enough to wake her (and possibly the neighbors) up if need be. Also picked up one of those door security bars. Stephen had one and I thought it was a slick idea. While the hollow core metal doors at our place aren't ideal (not going to change the door on a rental) the security bar should give an extra few seconds, seconds count a lot.

We walked out of home depot with both off these for about $30. That is a price anyone can afford. Now our door (the only practical entrance) is harder to force in and it will make a heck of a lot of noise. Also the people in our immediate area knowing we have some sort of an alarm is probably not a bad thing.


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