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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Herbal Wisdom

I'm one of those people who would rather try a natural cure than pop a pill but I understand that there are some times you need to take medication. Make sure that you have extras of your prescriptions when it's possible and start researching some all natural herbal remedies now. Here are a few of my favorites and ones that can be grown here in Vermont.

**Standard disclaimer - I am not a doctor or a nurse or a professional herbalist. Do not try these at home without consulting appropriate medical professionals.**

These herbs can be grown, dried & made into a tea.

Bergamot - monarda fistulosa - Good for nerves and soothes stomachs

Red clover - trifolium pratense - There is some research that indicates this has a beneficial influence on cancer. Also soothes nerves.

Fennel - foeniculum officinale - Helps indigestion, obesity and was held to help rheumatic and arthritic conditions.

Hollyhock - althea rosea - Helps a weak heart, digestion and is soothing.

Horehound - marrubium vulgare or marrubium nigrum - Excellent for coughs, colds and sore throats.

Lavender - lavandula vera or lavendula spica - Use in cases of nervousness and hysteria

Marigold - calendula officinalis - Makes a great skin tonic.

Peppermint - menthe peperita - Great for stomach ailments.

Mullein - verbascum thapsus - Great for chest congestion, said to have antibacterial properties, helps hay vever. Warning this stuff tastes HORRID but it works. (pictured)

Pansy - viola tricolor - Used for heart palpitations.

Parsley - petroselinum sativum - Is a diuretic and recommended for swollen glands.

Raspberry leaf - rubus idaeus - Known for easing labor and women's complaints.

Rosemary - rosmarinus officinalis - Helpful for headaches.

Sage - salvia officinalis or salvia agrestis - Used for constipation.

Thyme - thymus vulgaris or thyms serpyllum - Helpful for coughs and asthma

There are lots more herbal cures out there but these are the ones I am most familiar with that can be grown here in Vermont. Also WTSHTF, your average Joe may very well raid your first aid kit or medicine cabinet but chances are he isn't going to know mullein from poison ivy.


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