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Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer Survival - Protection Items

In the heat of summer it is best to choose lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing. A wide-brimmed hat will also help to provide shade and keep your head cool. A good pair of sunglasses will also help to protect your eyes from being damaged by harsh sunlight. It is also good to remember that sunburn will affect your body's ability to cool itself and may cause a loss of essential body fluids or a fever that can be potentially harmful to your health.

Sunburn can also cause severe pain and can severely damage your skin. There are a variety of sunscreens and lotions that are available to help reduce the risk of getting sunburned. The protection that they offer against sunburn will differ according to their type. Check the sun protection factor (SPF) number on the label of the sunscreen container. Select SPF 8, at a minimum, or higher to protect yourself adequately from the harmful effects of sunburn. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors and reapply according to package directions. It is also good to have a sunburn treatment containing aloe vera to help treat your skin if you do become sunburned.

It also doesn’t hurt to keep an umbrella handy. Umbrellas not only keep the rain off but can offer excellent shade if there is no natural shade available. Don't forget your bandana! It can be moistened with water and placed around your neck to help you stay cool.

Always remember to keep a container of water handy and to drink plenty of fluids during your outdoor activities in the summer. Survive the outdoors safely!

Got summer protection?

Staying above the water line!



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