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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How-To Stuff

How To Make A Fire Piston

A fire piston is an elegant and nearly foolproof method to create fire even in the worst of conditions.

How To Make Charcloth

Charcloth makes starting fires using a flint and steel, a firepiston, or any other method a cinch. Charcloth is made using 100% cotton cloth scraps. If you have used gun cleaning patches that you've been tossing out, here's a beautiful way to recycle them.

Small Wood Gassifier Stove

If things go into the crapper and you have to prepare food in the open, where flame and smoke are a dead giveaway to your location, this may be an answer for you. It uses small scraps of wood (twigs, etc) to produce a hot, nearly smokeless fire that is contained and not visible. This is an advantage over systems that use liquid fuels which may become in short supply.

Large Wood Gassifier Stove

Like the one above, but this one is larger for cooking larger amounts. This also uses forced air to increase the temperature produced.

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