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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee Can Survival Kit for Your Vehicle

Coffee Can Survival Kit for Your Vehicle

Here’s a short post today folks.
It seems like every time I turn around there’s a spot that could use another survival kit.  Home, work, vehicles, camp… everywhere!  I hate putting a lot of money into something I probably won’t use, but on the flip side I want to have stuff good enough to save my ass in case TSHTF and I DO need to use the kit.
Anyway, I was staring at the French Roast coffee can I talked about in one of my posts and the thought popped into my head to fill it with items that could help out in case I get stuck somewhere.  Keep in mind this is just for basic survival in an overnight situation and also keep in mind I wanted to keep the kit as inexpensive as possible.
Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:
(Click the picture for a larger view)
So far I’ve added a compass, multi-tool, pen, paper (to write a note or start a fire), nails, spoon, stove, paracord bracelet, flashlight, knife, matches, and some small food items.   One thing I’m thinking about putting in there is one of those cheap Walmart ponchos (thus the nails to help make a temporary shelter if necessary).  They’re less than $10 the last time I looked and if you go easy on this poncho you might get a few uses out of it and it should fit in quite handily.
Another thing I need to put in here is some fuel for the stove – not a whole lot, but enough to boil a few cups of water or maybe to help start a fire when the wood is wet.
Below you can see the items packed into the coffee can.  What doesn’t show up as well is the empty space in the can.  I’d like to pack it full, but right now I’ve still got roughly half the can empty.
For some reason I’m drawing a blank and as I was sitting here racking my head and trying to dream up stuff to put in a small vehicle kit I said to myself, “Jarhead!  Don’t be a dummy!  There’s a thousand people out there with good ideas.  Tap into your network.”  So…. what would you put into this kit given the criteria above?   Help me dress out my kit folks! Would you put in a space blanket?  More food? Spark plugs?  Coffee packets?  Send me some good ideas!
-Jarhead Survivor
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