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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Riverwalker’s Gear - The Compact Survival Shovel

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There’s usually only one way to dig yourself out of a mess in a survival situation and that’s by having a good shovel handy. The main problem is that it’s pretty hard to carry a full size shovel with you all the time. While a full size shovel can be easily carried in a pick-up or a trailer, they don’t fit very easily into the trunk of your car or on a backpack.

Whether you find yourself stuck in the snow, the mud or a bunch of loose sand, a compact shovel may be just thing to dig yourself out of a bad situation.

Having a military-style folding shovel and a folding pick version is great but carrying both can be a little awkward and a little heavy when added to the rest of the gear that you may be carrying in your pack. Been there and done that! This is where the real versatility in a lightweight and compact shovel comes in handy. You get the versatility of both a shovel and a pick with this survival tool and don’t have to carry the added weight.

 At slightly less than 2 pounds, this compact survival shovel folds up easily into a 6” pouch that can fit easily under your car seat, in your trunk or your bug-out bag. You could also carry it on your belt but even at less than 2 pounds that’s a lot of weight to added to your belt.

This particular compact shovel assembles easily with only two main components and has a very sturdy steel handle with oversize rubber grips which allow you to easily get a good grip on the handle. 

It also allows several different configurations for use as a shovel only, pic only or a combination of both by merely loosening and tightening the adjustment knob on the handle.

At a mere 16 inches in length it will also allow you to get into some pretty hard to reach places. Although a longer handle will give you more leverage, sometimes they can also get in your way if it’s needed in a tight space.

Saving weight and space with your survival gear will lighten your load and give you additional room for others items you may need as well. With a relatively low cost, it won’t dig a big hole in your pocket either!

Got digging tool for survival?

Staying above the water line!



  1. This looks like a good shovel for my camping trips. Need something that doesn't take up too much room.

  2. Have you ever seen the Crovel? Part shovel, part crowbar, the Crovel not only will help you dig out of a problem, but is good at breaching operatons,removing obstacles, and extraction. Heck, by the look of it the Crovel will also make an excellent close quarter weapon. Check it out at (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the manufacture and will not make a cent if you decide to buy it.)