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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guest Post: Firestorm Chapter 11a, by Christopher Young

Making Connections

Brenda chattered on, and on. She and the other women had met in the town square, and along the roads, and in driveways. They had set up an informal network of information. Some folks were out of food, others were out of fuel, batteries, diapers, or other things. They set up an informal network and exchange, to help each other out. Of course, most of the women had known each other for years. Serving together on school boards, picking up each others kids at the bus stop, and so on. They already had the network, they just used it for survivalism, now.

Sam was astounded, how much good intel she had had brought home. It was light years ahead of anything he'd gotten from the radio in the house. They had set up an informal barter meet, to be held in the town square, Sunday after church. Sam had been an active member of the local Methodist congregation. The pastor there had been preaching for many years. Pastor Peck had a gentle approach, and a bit of grey hair. He had never married, but had dedicated his life to the ministry. Pastor Peck also had a good sense of humor. When he had to rebuke the congregation for something, he would call it a Pastor Peck Pick. He would nit pick over something or other, usually casual clothes, or use of crude language. The teenagers were found of saying that if the apostles visited, that Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pastor's Pick. But, secretly, they respected the man for his sincerity.

Sam went into the house, to have Brenda tell the others about the trading square. They were doing fairly well with most things. But it would be a good chance to get out to the town, and set things right. Gomer was in the dumps, he might need some time with the Pastor. Maybe get Sammy in to talk to the pastor. See if they could figure out what's wrong. Fortunately, it was Saturday and the trading fair was the next day. That's what was on Sam's mind, the trading fair. Chris asked if there were any Mormon congregations around. That's Chris's brand of church. Sam didn't know. Chris suggested that he could find that information easy enough online. Just go to and look for meetinghouse locator. Sam had to remind him that the internet wasn't working. Oh, well, then, phone book. The phone book showed a LDS congregaton in the next town over, so Chris figured go to that. Take the Blazer, it's only about five miles. Sam decided not to tell Chris that he'd been sucked into a non-Christian cult. Figured he'd let Pastor Peck do that. Maybe even save Chris's soul.

Out to the town, that's what Martha was thinking about that moment. With big news like that, she just had to tell the girls. Her normally timid husband had shot two house burners, and was, fancy the thought, wearing a gun! amazing! News like that had to be told far and wide, and as fast as possible. Martha scurried into the house, she knew she had to get the kids situated. Only one bedroom other than the master bedroom, but it had two twin beds in it. She explained to the kids that it was only a temporary thing, they would have to be in the same bedroom. Jade rolled his eyes, he had enough of Madison, just with her being his sister. Madison sighed, she knew jade was such a messy boy, he would have the room in chaos and disorder. Well, it was only for a day or two.

Jade went in and dumped his suitcase on the floor one side of a bed. And Madison went in, and set up er side of the room neatly. She folded the clothes, and put them in drawers. And stacked a last few items on top of the dresser. That looked much better n ow, looked distinctly lived in.

Lived in, well, that's a description of Sean's room. Back at Gomer's compound, each of the three kids had different house keeping style. Sean was was a walking tornado, he could scatter things every where he went. Left a confusion of clutter behind him. Melissa was orderly, to the maximum. She had to have things lined up neatly. Zack was mostly orderly, but a few things out of the way. Heather's house keeping was rapidly falling off, into disarray. She had spent so many hours taking care of Faith.

On the half hour, Heather did a vital signs check on Faith. She was starting to come around. Her pulse was stronger, and she was just starting to respond to the people around her. Naturally, her girls were thrilled. Savannah and Bobbi took a long time telling their Mom about how she had crashed into a deer, and had gone off the road. They spent the night huddled together to stay warm, and had built a camp fire in the morning. Faith was stll unconscious, but it did the girls good to have someone to talk to. The girls needed to talk.

And Heather had a need to talk to someone. She was worried, the boys should have been back from Ohio, by now. Heather called Gomer, on the cell. Gomer had been sitting in the recliner chair in Sam's living room. He had hardly moved, just sipping his glass of iced tea. Couldn't really call it "iced tea" without the ice. Playing his hand held video game. he'd stop between screens, and stare off into space for a long time.

Gomer did answer the telephone, and Heather could tell instantly hat there was something wrong. She asked what was wrong, but Gomer only mumbled that everything was OK. But, she knew it wasn't everything OK.

Heather disconnected with Gomer, and called Chris on his cell phone. Asked what was wrong with Gomer. Well, best anyone could figure, he was having a rough time being without his Ford. But, we really weren't sure, either. Maybe a Sunday in church would help. Heather actually laughed out loud. Church! Ha! Gomer wouldn't be caught dead in a church. Just not interested. However, that's a really good idea. Heather would take the crew in the Buick, to church tomorrow. That's what they all needed so much. Get out of the house for a while. Got to wash some clothes, and see if she could get Sean to church without him looking like a wild Indian.

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