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Monday, March 7, 2011

Headlamps in Emergency Kits

Headlamps in Emergency Kits

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were on a road trip with your family and you got a flat tire in the dark? How would you see to get out the spare or get the spare properly put on your car? You could grab a flashlight, but it's pretty hard to change your tire with only one hand!

This is where a headlamp could be a lifesaver. Headlamps are basically hands-free flashlights. They have adjustable elastic straps that will allow the headlamp to be worn over hats or helmets and they can also work for children.

Recently, one of our customers found out just how helpful headlamps can be in a power outage:

Endurance Headlamp
“The day after I received my headlamps, our power went out for 15 hours (I know…what are the chances right?). I had already loaded the headlamps with batteries and strategically placed them around the house so they were the first source of lighting I thought to grab. My husband liked them because they enabled him to use both arms to carry firewood back to the house and still have a light guiding him. Although the elastic band made my hair poof up, I found the headlamp invaluable in finishing up dinner preparations. Get some headlamps, they will come in more handy than you can know.”

Headlamps can be used in many situations in addition to when the power goes out. You can use them while working on your car, starting a fire at your campsite, reading a book in bed, or you could garden at night.

We have a variety of headlamps that can meet anyone’s needs. The High Uinta Gear Endurance Headlamp is a great basic option with three different brightness settings. On one set of 3 "AAA" batteries, the light will run for more than 17 hours in the 10-LED mode, more than 30 hours when in 4 LED mode, and more than three days with the red flashing LEDs.

The Princeton Tec Fuel has 4 LED bulbs and is lighter than the Endurance. It has a large push-button switch that will make it easier for any hands to turn on. The Fuel will run for up to 146 hours on the low setting and up to 50 hours on the bright setting with one set of 3 “AAA” batteries.

 Princeton Tec Fuel

The Princeton Tec Quad is one of our most advanced models with a tough waterproof housing. The light beam is very bright and the LED bulbs and housing can survive impacts and water submersions up to one meter. The built in battery power meter will let you know when the batteries are close to dying so you won’t be stuck wandering around in the dark trying to find the extra batteries.

 Princeton Tec Quad

Headlamps can be used for almost anything you can think of and should be an important part of any emergency kit.

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