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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preparing for Medical Needs

By Joseph Parish

Are you prepared for any medical emergencies which might occur if our infrastructure drops to a critical point? Do you have an extensive amount of medical related supplies stored up?  I didn’t think so, well it isn’t too late for you to get your medical kit in order and you can do so by following these simple instructions.

When planning for emergency medical preps start with a large field box of some sort with several levels and multiple compartments. I like the older GI type footlocker style which offers an abundance of storage space. 

Supplies fail to do you any good if you have no idea as to what you are doing with them. Your training goal should be to get as much medical education as you possibly can. Take numerous local first aid, CPR and EMT classes as you can get signed up for. If you do a bit of searching around with your local fire department you may possible find several emergency medical classes that will fit the bill perfectly. Usually the fire department will provide the courses free of charge whereas the Red Cross may assess a small fee to cover the cost of the books. 

Purchase a good emergency first aid book such as those published by the Red Cross or even a Merck Medical Manual used by nursing staff members. There are many websites which will provide you with free CME training at no cost what so ever. I advise you to take advantage of these offerings when you can. With all the cost cutting they may not be around much longer let alone be free.

Next it is time to develop and plan the contents of your medical kit. Keep clearly in mind that during a disaster even simple little things like aspirin may not be available. My wife often feels that I have gone overboard in my preparations, as I have stocked up on such exotic items as an oxygen generator, oxygen monitor, blood pressure machines, nebulizers and associated supplies, and at one point I had even purchased an x-ray machine. Prior to eBay banning such items I had purchased a stainless steel set of surgeons tools as well.

Since we never can be sure if a physician will be available during emergencies it is important to be prepared both with supplies and knowledge. During weather related emergencies it is just as important that you be capable of dealing with immediate emergencies. Ice storms, electrical power outages or blizzards do occur and can make obtaining medical treatment extremely difficult. 

I have taken the liberty to create this short medical supply list to get you started on your way.

* Alcohol
* Cold remedies
* Cough medications
* Needles in order to remove splinters
* Pain remedies and anti-inflammatory
* Prescription medications as required
* Scissors, hemostats and Tweezers
* Various ointments

I have only touched the surface here as a walk through your local pharmacy will reveal many additional over the counter supplies that you could add to your kit. 

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish

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