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Monday, March 7, 2011

Simple Survival Tips - The Rehydration Kit

Simple Survival Tips - The Rehydration Kit

Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluids than you take in and as a result your body doesn't have enough water to carry out its normal functions. If the lost fluids aren’t replenished you may suffer serious consequences. The excessive loss of fluids by your body can lead to dehydration and seriously endanger your life.

While water is necessary for the treatment of dehydration, your body also suffers from the loss of other nutrients as well. Sometimes you need to add a little extra to your water to help replenish these other nutrients. Lemon juice when combined with a little salt and sugar can help to replenish the nutrients which may have been lost due to dehydration. Vitamin C is also present in very high amounts in lemon juice. Lemon juice is safe to use and is very well tolerated by most people. It is an excellent way to treat dehydration.

A simple rehydration kit can be made using several small packets of lemon juice in conjunction with a few small packets of salt and sugar. Adding a couple of packets of lemon juice, a small packet of salt and a small packet of sugar to your water bottle will help to prevent the effects of dehydration. These items are small and lightweight making them an excellent addition to your survival kit or B.O.B.

Got lemonade?

Staying above the water line!

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