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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Simple Survival Tips - Protecting Your External Senses

We should always keep in mind the importance of our external senses and the significant role they play in our survival. We use them everyday and sometimes forget to give them the proper care and protection so that they can function properly and help us avoid the loss of our body’s primary source of protection. There are several simple steps that can be taken to prevent the loss or impairment of your external senses. The absence of just a single one of your five external senses could have disastrous effects on your survival.

1.) Our sense of sight - This enables us to see and locate objects in our environment so that we can take the appropriate action. It allows us to see potential hazards and thereby avoid dangerous circumstances that could affect our survival. Using the proper equipment can shield your eyes from possible injury or irreparable damage. A good pair of protective goggles or sunglasses is usually all it takes to prevent the majority of injuries. Depending upon the activity, sometimes a face shield may be appropriate. Any type of eye problem that could affect your sight should always be treated properly and as soon as possible.

2.) Our sense of hearing - This allows us to sense the location of objects by the sounds they make. It helps us guide our sight to the source of that sound so that we may determine any possible danger and thereby avoid it. A simple set of ear plugs or a pair of ear muffs may be all you need. Don’t forget proper hygiene for your ears and try to avoid loud or excessive noise.

3.) Our sense of smell - This sense can make us aware of things you may not be able to see or hear but that may still be a danger to us. It could be as simple as a gas leak or it may be a rotten odor from food that should be avoided. A simple dusk mask or a respirator can help to protect your sense of smell from the effects of dust particles, paint fumes or toxic chemicals that could damage your sense of smell.

4.) Our sense of taste - This sense warns of harmful items before they may be ingested and thereby avoid their harmful effects. It enables us to distinguish those items which are edible and those that aren’t. Practicing good oral hygiene will help to insure your sense of taste is working properly.

5.) Our sense of touch - This sense prevents us from many harmful effects and can prevent us from such things as a serious burn or impending frostbite. It also helps our body to manipulate objects and perform delicate tasks. A good pair of gloves and a little common sense will go a long way in protecting your sense of touch.

All of our senses work in conjunction with each other to keep us safe. The loss or impairment of any of your external senses can leave you at a serious disadvantage in a survival situation. Using good hygiene practices and the proper protective gear will help protect your senses so that they can protect you.
Staying above the water line!

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  1. Thanks to government regulation most sunglasses available today will effectively filter out some of the sun's harmful rays. Sunglasses trick your eye into opening up allowing more light to enter and if the glasses don't compensate by reducing UVA & UBV then you can damage your sight.
    I have two interesting observations about sunglasses. 1)They tend to decrease your total sight picture. That is they hide things and make some things harder to discern. In a critical situation I could imagine that sunglasses would put you at a disadvantage. 2)Some sunglasses, such as blue blockers and shooting glasses create a greater sensitivity to certain frequencies of light. We have all experienced this where we see something odd and remove our sunglasses and see everything appears normal. My point here is that Some sunglasses may allow you to differentiate more easily between camo clothing and background live plants. So there is some potential there.