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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Long Fire

from Wilderness Survival Forums

When I am with a group of people in the winter I prefer to build a long fire. For me, it is a versatile, multi-purpose fire lay. Not only can you warm several people at once, but it makes for a great cooking platform. Hot fluids and food are both important in a cold weather environment. Need to keep the furnace in your body fueled. Here is the vid.


This shows the 4'-5' logs used to contain the bulk of the fire. The arrow on the ground shows the wind direction.

There is a piece of bark in between the base logs to keep the shavings off of the ground. The split prep is also off of the ground due to frost and snow. Your fire should be totally prepped before ever striking a match.

The ends of the logs can be flattened. This makes it easier to cook and melt snow.

When starting the fire use the wind to your advantage.

The completed long fire with water on for tea.

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