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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hard Times are approaching

By Joseph Parish

Let’s be real for a moment and look at the state of the world around us at this time. We have revolutions taking place worldwide along with wars raging from one side of the globe to another. Economic chaos is threatening every major economy. More and more people are losing their jobs in America as the workload is transferred to foreign nations. We see on a daily basis the possibility of a market crash that could top that experienced in 1929. 

What happens when the infrastructure comes falling down? First off we can expect to see shortages of food in our local grocery stores. With the cost of fuel on a continual rise this overhead has to be recouped somewhere and unfortunately it will be the consumer who must pay the price. Those items of food found at the market will likely be over-priced and out of the average persons economic reach. We are slowly witnessing this event now as the cost begins to skyrocket. This makes it more important than ever to be able to grow your own food supply.
Gasoline stations will lack the necessary supplies to keep America on its wheels so staying at home will quickly become fashionable. Learn as much as you can on things that your family can do together without leaving home. Camp out in your back yard, having a board game night or sit together and watch some television as a family unit. 

Your local medical facilities will suffer as well with their inability to receive updated medical supplies. Take courses or teach yourself the principles of medical sufficiency. Learn of effective alternative methods to treat the common ailments which often plaque a family. Don’t hesitate to take a local first aide or CPR class as you never know when you will need it. Stock up a good reserve of emergency supplies while they are available.

Save up a few extra dollars for an emergency. If the infrastructure begins to fall you can believe that the social security, any types of government checks, pension payments or welfare will rapidly come to a halt. It will be entirely up to you to support yourself and your family. Perhaps you should invest in some silver to hedge this issue should its ugly head rear up.

People are losing their homes to foreclosures on a daily basis. No money and with no home forces complete families out onto the street. Consider your investment in emergency food and supplies as a form of insurance policy again the hazards of our changing life style. Know how to deal with the loss of electrical power or be familiar with alternate means of heating your home. The more you learn the better prepared you will be. Is anyplace really safe? 

As a survivalist or prepper we have to be prepared for emergencies as they get to us. It is absolutely necessary to have certain supplies stocked up in order to last the duration of the crisis. In the past we have covered foods necessary to get a family by this type of an ordeal so now I would like to discuss the topic of miscellaneous supplies that a family should store up on. After you have accumulated your emergency food supplies your next step should be to gather up miscellaneous supplies. These are also useful bartering assets in the event it comes to that.

* 24 bottles of dish detergent
* 24 bars of hand soap
* 50 pounds of laundry soap
* 55 gallons of kerosene
* 12 bottles of shampoo
* 146 rolls of toilet paper
* 16 gallons of unscented bleach for sanitation or laundry use
* Personal products, such as toothpaste or deodorant
* Pet foods and livestock feed as necessary
* Sanitary napkins as needed

The writing is clearly on the wall and we should be taking advantage of this time to gather and store those items we will need when the hard times fall upon us.

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish


  1. I agree with you, hard times are upon us. Good ideas for barter goods. Nails,duct tape,and auto parts are some other good ones.

  2. I would add Bi-carb soda and White Vinegar to the list for cleaning and possibly as a less dangerous storage substitute to bleach (I have an allergic reaction to bleach). Also your standard yellow bar soap (Parmolive in Australia) can be a good substitute for dish detergent by cutting up, adding to water and boiling (ratios of 1 bar of soap to 1 litres of water work well) it becomes gel like and you add to dish water as washing up liquid.