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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Backfeeding" with a honda generator?

If you absolutely MUST hook up your generator this way, be sure your main breaker is OFF! You can back feed right out to your power pole and kill someone from the power company working out there.



check this out, what do you all think of this? looks good to me as long as the mains are shut - pulled.

1 comment:

  1. A good video of what you should never ever do! Reason #1 coming off you the generator patch cord you have an energized male cord cap, Wrong you should never do this.

    #2 As Bax mentioned you should shut off your main breaker, the only problem with this is that you are still not isolated from the power company as you still have a connected neutral that you are feeding into, Wrong.

    No where in this video did they state that they had opened the main. Are we to guess?

    Purchase and have installed the proper transfer switch and also have installed the proper generator connection point, not a modified extension cord.

    Linemen have been killed, homeowners have been killed, houses have been burned down because of this type of novice example. If you can afford the generator then you can afford to have it done right.