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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preparedness for Pets - Dry Dog Food or Canned

Younger dogs and puppies require a very large intake of protein, calories and nutrients than adult dogs. This is due to the demands of their rapidly growing bodies. Most commercial brands of dry dog food meet these requirements and are usually well balanced to support their proper growth and are designed to meet the age requirements of your dog.

The majority of dog foods that are now available are usually designed so that any additions are usually redundant and are not required for the health of your dog. The majority of ingredients of most dry dog foods are chicken, beef or lamb by products and corn, wheat or rice.

Higher meat content increases the percentage of protein. This will increase the taste and ease digestion. Protein percentages in dog food will vary due to the age and size of the dog. There are certain advantages of dry dog foods over semi-moist and canned dog foods that are available.

One of the best reasons to feed dry food is that it is less expensive than the semi-moist or canned foods of equal quality. Another good reason to feed dry dog food is that the chewing action required with dry dog food is better for the health of your dog’s teeth and gums. Dry dog food generally has a shelf life of approximately one year and the date is usually stated on the bag as a “best by” date.

The addition of supplements to a good dog food is usually unnecessary and might ruin the nutrient balance in your dog food. The addition of calcium supplements could cause improper bone growth. This may result in problems for your dog.

Dogs eating large amounts of canned or soft foods have a much greater chance of having calcium deposits on their teeth or developing a gum disease. Canned or semi-moist foods can be helpful for your dog in certain areas. Its main use is as a supplement. In moderate amounts, canned dog food or semi moist dog foods can be used to stimulate your dog’s appetite. They are also helpful if there is a need for additional weight gain. Unless certain very specific conditions are present, such as special dietary requirements due to a medical condition, dry dog food will generally be the best way for your dog to meet their nutritional needs.

Just as you depend on your dog, your dog depends on you. Don’t forget to include them in your preparedness plans.

Staying above the water line!



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