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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prepper vs. Survivalist

from RV Survivalist Guide by RV Survivalist
So I see that the great oracle of doom, John Galt, now considers himself a "Survivalist" instead of a "prepper". His point - that we are now IN the anticipated scenario; no longer GETTING READY for it.

Now, I'm not a big John Galt fan. I listened to a broadcast he did recently where he re-capped his 2008 "predictions". Humbly, for him, he recounted all the wrong ones. Much longer list than anything he got right.

What qualifies these "forecasters" anyway? Look...pull your RV into any small town, and duck into the local diner for a cup of coffee and forecasting will be all around you! I guess nowadays some get celebritized for it.

So what are we? I'm still a prepper. Many things to obtain, yet, before I feel "comfortable" being uncomfortable. I've mentioned many already:

Wind turbine mounting where I can dis-assemble quickly
Battery meter
Tire covers & 110v air compressor
More food
More gold
More ammo
More barter items
Green Miracle - it's my favorite "green product"
More vitamins - I'm not selling; and I'm not pickey!
Solar battery charger for 9v; AA; AAA batteries
Couple of acres of land w/ water source
Motor scooter
Community of like-minded

So with all the gloom and doom around every new google search - I'm going to try to focus on what I can to today - this week - this month in order to position myself as best I can. I refuse to let somber predictions keep me from being prudent with what is still very much available today.


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