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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple Food Storage Items - Chocolate

Having comfort foods in your food storage can play an important part in your survival. Knowing the shelf life of the different kinds of chocolate will help you meet your goals for the storage of comfort foods. Disaster situations and emergencies can be very stressful and having a supply of comfort food items will help to eliminate or reduce this stress.

Chocolate - Long Term Storage Types

1.) Chocolate Brownie Mix has a shelf life of approximately 1 year.

2.) Semi-sweet Chocolate has a shelf life of approximately 1 year and depending on storage conditions it can be useful for up to 2 years.

3.) Chocolate Syrup has an approximate shelf life of 2 years. It will need to be refrigerated after opening.

4.) Unsweetened Chocolate has a shelf life of approximately 18 months.

5.) Cocoa (powdered) has an indefinite shelf life as long as it remains unopened. Cocoa that has been opened has a shelf life of approximately 1 year.

Most commercially prepared chocolate, such as candy bars, have a very short shelf life of 90 days or less. They are also highly susceptible to damage from high temperatures. They also do not keep well in the refrigerator. Discoloration and quality of taste will suffer. In all cases you will need to use proper storage conditions to avoid changes caused by excessive temperatures, undue exposure to light sources and excess humidity.

Got chocolate?

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