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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Audio Podcast: Why You Must Store Food

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I read a great post today from the Down In The Hills Survival Blog called, Running out of food. He pointed out that “See if you got food, it’s easy to get more food. Being out of food and trying to get enough food to survive on ain’t so easy”. That is a simple but astute observation and prompted me to do today’s show about various sources of food for storage beyond the store front.

Tune in today to hear…

  • A bit about why getting food is a easier if you already have what you need on hand for the near future
  • Why “a country boy can survive” mentality is both valid and invalid in some ways
  • Considering crops that produce large yields in your garden and storage methods for them
  • Using food steamers to blanch vegetables such as green beans and snap peas
  • How adding some low cost highly storables such as pasta, rice and dry beans can extend your gardens ability to feed you
  • A cool recipe for a vegetable soup with beans and rice
  • How rice and beans combine for complete protein when you don’t have fresh meat around
  • Lessons learned in my garden last year
  • Thoughts on local foraging with plants like blackberries, blueberries and wild strawberries
  • Thoughts about fishing and adding meat to the freezer or smoker
  • Learning about editable plants in your area and a great YouTube channel called “Eat the Weeds”
  • Making wines, juices and jellies with wild berries
  • Thoughts on wild sources of nuts such as black walnuts and acorns and others
  • How hunting provides food but also has some major limitations in many areas
  • The reality that the State of California, New Jersey and others may soon go bankrupt, what it means and why you need to get serious now about survival living
  • Why in spite of all the negative news, likelihood of societal collapse, etc I remain such an optimist

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