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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Water Storage In Suburbia

I finally, FINALLY got around this weekend to getting my water storage project completed. A couple of months ago I found 55 gallon plastic drums at Baytec Containers and ordered two brand-new ones. At that time they were only $69 a piece. They’ve already gone up to $99 a piece, in part I’m sure to the rapidly worried public over possible water and food shortages in the future.

In addition to the drums Baytec offers a entire range of caps, plugs, and pumps. I bought a simple plastic economy model but it did fine during my testing this weekend. Filling was a breeze, just extended the hose into the basement and it took maybe 10-15 minutes to get both filled. As most do I simply used Clorox to prepare for storage, adding 1 fluid once to each barrel. I let them sit for 24 hours, opened them up and found the water to not really have any noticable smell or taste of chlorine (that’s not good). So I added another 1/2 ounce to each and that seemed to do the trick.

I’ve only got 110 gallons in storage, in addition to whatever I can salvage (hopefully) from the water heater in case of an emergency. I’ll have 5 people to care for (me, my wife, my kid, and both my parents) so I hope to have enough water to last a month. That’s really the bare minimum anyone should keep around. If the future brings even more bleak news about our water and food supplies I will probably get at least two more.

The barrels are not that big and I have them stored under my stairs in the basement which was completely wasted space to begin with. The cost is nothing compared to the security of being able to live comfortably for a month without assistance.


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