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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Valuable Handbook for Crisis Preparedness and Survival

The Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival is a 320 page Paperback by Jack A. Spigarelli, and you should have it in your survival library. This is one you won’t merely want to keep on your bookshelf.

Reviewers note that this book is highly informative and in depth. One reviewer said the Crisis Preparedness Handbook made him realize he should have started preparing years ago and that his current survival kit was inadequate. Another was glad the info on food storage included nutritional guidance for tailoring food storage for one’s own family. A large part of the book concerns food storage. Another wished he had a more current edition to take better advantage of the latest listing of resources. Another reviewer purchased copies to give as gifts to family members.

Here’s the description from

“A complete guide to emergency preparedness for our uncertain times. Virtually an encyclopedia of food storage and personal preparedness, it covers topics from exactly how to design a food storage program tailored for your particular family to growing and preserving food, storing fuel, alternate energy, emergency evacuation kits, medical and dental, surviving biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, selection of firearms and other survival tools, and preparing for earthquakes. Dozens of detailed, expert checklists and tables with photographs and index. Extensive book and resource lists with regular and Internet addresses. An absolute must for those serious about preparing for and surviving during our dangerous times.”

Click to get your copy of the Crisis Preparedness Handbook. In these times, you need all the practical guidance you can get. Be a good neighbor and get extra copies for family and friends.


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