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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inventory Check: Honey

How much honey do you have put away? And why should you?
  1. It's a good healthy sweetener.
  2. It has lots of vitamins and minerals. Full of nutrients.
  3. Has a VERY long shelf life. Honey has been found in ancient tombs, still viable. It will keep for (probably) forever.
  4. It has anti-allergen properties. If it's honey grown near your location, it will have been gathered by your local bees, from local flowers. Eating local honey on a regular basis will help your body build up immunities to local pollens.
  5. It's a good substitute for pancake syrup.
  6. It's anti-bacterial. Smear a little on a small wound to help it heal.

Remember to never feed honey to a baby. Most experts say baby should be older than one year old. Honey may contain bacterial spores that can cause infant botulism, a rare but serious disease that affects the nervous system of young babies. As kids get older, their bodies are better able to handle the bacteria.

Warning: Honey imported from China has been found to be tainted. Be sure to buy local honey only.

We go through about 3 pounds a month. So we buy 3-4 of the 5-pound bottles at Sam's Club each month. Good deals.

Note: Keep your honey containers after emptying. When you get a chance to "keep bees", be sure to harvest their honey and wax, while leaving the bees plenty of honey for their own needs.


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