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Monday, January 26, 2009

Plainsman's Cabin

Welcome to my cabin! Here we will focus on hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, wilderness survival and beyond. I am in the initial stages of building this site, so please bear with me.

The pictures on the left are taken from the book "Your Cabin in the Woods" by Conrad Meinecke. I always thought that this design would make an excellent hunting or a retreat cabin.

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  1. What about Meinecke's two bed guest cabin? You could stand up in that and had room for storage and/or bathroom. All the e-books for some reason left out the description and the illustrations.

  2. I've seen structures like these in northern Germany, but with a few differences, this one is too small. The roofline needs to extend at least 3 feet on the ends, one for ingress/egress and the other for storage (usually firewood which is loaded into the storage on the outside and retrieved on the inside). Many are between 8 to 10 feet to the peak, 20 to 25 feet long and usually in the center there is a elevated flare for hunters to be able to see on either side. Several I was lucky enough to see had full basements, the bunks and even a chemical toilet with running water (from a barrel, a second barrel had a heating element basically making it a water heater ran off a marine battery) both strapped to the wall of the bathroom) so a civilized shower and mini-kitchen was possible. Very tiny and very popular - especially in the winter. Many of the structures I saw were for public use if caught in bad weather.