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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Carrying A Gun At Work

I think I've written about this in the past but sometimes things recycle and that is OK. Last night Wifey and I were watching one of those wildest video type shows. Some convenience store worker got beaten repeatedly upon the head and shoulders with a hammer during a robbery. [background, I worked swing at a 711 for awhile during college] I said something to the effect of "I would give that guy all the money he wanted but if it looked like he was going to try and hit me with the hammer I would shoot him in the face". Wifey said "you carried a gun?" and I said "darn right".

This got me onto the subject of carrying guns at work. I currently work in a place where carrying a gun just isn't worth it and that is OK. Here is my thinking on this matter. It is really just a series of questions that eventually lead to a conclusion.

Is it legal to carry a gun at your work? Do whatever you want but if it is not legal then carrying one is probably a poor plan. At 711 it was perfectly legal to carry a gun.

Is it acceptable at work? I think this is one of those "better to ask forgiveness then beg permission" situations. Unless they specifically say you can't then working under the assumption that it is fine could be a good way to go. Assuming you do a real good job of CCW noone with ever notice and the discussion will never happen. If the discussion does happen you can always say "I am perfectly legal to carry here (assuming you are:) and there was no office policy". The worst case of this would probably be the office suddenly creating a policy you don't like.

If you office does have a policy against carrying guns then the choice is yours. 711 had a policy forbiding against carrying weapons but I figured if some asshole tried to stab me/ hit me with a hammer/ whatever that policy would be a lot less comforting than a loaded pistol. That brings me to the next point.

What sort of consequences at work are you willing to deal with? I had a part time job at 711 and figured worst case if I got 'made' I would just quit on the spot. If it was a full time job that was my livelihood there would be some harder thinking that probably lead to a different result.

The answers to these questions probably tell you if carrying at work is an option.

If the answer is no and you want it to be yes here are some outside the box ideas that could help mitigate that problem.

If carrying at work is not an option then keeping a handgun in your car is an option. Provided the parking lot is secure that will let you be armed to and from work.

If carrying at work is verboden and the parking lot is not secure then think about some sort of a locking box to just throw into the bottom of your book bag. Said book bag could be locked up in a desk or something if need be. Anyone thinks your wierd for locking up your book bag just say you packed a really really good lunch and must protect it or something totally off the ball like "I am protecting my treasure". Either of those should get all but the nosiest busy body to shake their head, walk off and forget the whole thing.



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