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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Audio Podcast: The Bug Out Bag

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Today’s podcast covers putting together a bug out bag (BOB), also known as the 72 hour kit or three day survival bag. In today’s show we cover things like what goes in a BOB, what type of bag is best to use, the purpose of a bug out kit and more.

Today we discuss,

  • The purpose of a 72 Hour Kit - getting to safety not spending three days at home.
  • Ideas for food items that keep you nourished on the go and are easy to obtain
  • The advantages of a “back pack” over a duffel bag
  • Ideas for wet weather and sleeping gear
  • My view of what makes a good survival knife
  • Rechargeable lighting options
  • Making sure you have the ability to purify water
  • The value of maps, a gps and a compass
  • Why a poncho is not a good wet weather gear option
  • Ideas to save space and weight
  • Various “hard gear” equipment options
  • Methods of self defense that won’t be confiscated by authorities during a disaster
  • The value of a simple small tool kit

The list presented in the podcast is by no means complete. If you have ideas and suggestions please leave them in the comments below.


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