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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few Thoughts on the Art of Bartering for Preparedness

Bartering used to be one of those things you didn’t hear much about. People who think they’re prosperous don’t stoop to do that sort of thing. But then things changed drastically with our economy, and bartering and swapping have become trendy. Some barter on a regular basis to save money. Others are practicing for the day when barter will be necessary if the money system collapses.
A few days ago Karen Geiser wrote a post called “The Art of Bartering” on the Lehman’s Country Life Blog. Her farm family regularly barters things like garden produce, flowers, eggs, and computer skills in exchange for things they needed or wanted.
Geiser says she feels wealthier. Bartering helped their family appreciate their skills and resources as well as those of others. It has fostered creativity and generosity. If you want to barter, she recommends coming up with your own tally of skills and resources, as well as things you need. Assign dollar values to the items and services. Then ask a few friends to do the same.
To read “The Art of Bartering,” click here to go to Lehman’s site. On their left sidebar, click on Country Life Blog. Type The Art of Bartering in the search box to the right. The post should then come up for you.

A Web site for bartering is
Click here for info on starting a community treasure chest.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, in these days it's good to be prepared but it's not only that. Bartering is green. We should realize that we don't have to throw away everything we don't need anymore. We can barter it and get something we need instead. I personally trade at and saved so much money with it. Be green and barter!