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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Stealth is the art of employing simple techniques and skills in the most effective manner possible to distract attention from your presence or your activities. Even if you are seen or heard, it should be in a way that would not distinguish you from any part of your surroundings. Stealth is the art of hiding in plain sight and will allow you to blend into your environment. When you become an insignificant part of your environment, you can literally disappear within the very nature of your surroundings.


S = Silence is your shield of protection that should be used generously.

T = Tune in to your surroundings with a total awareness of your environment.

E = Eliminate or reduce movements that may lead to unwanted exposure.

A = Adapt to adversity and be ready to deal with changing conditions.

L = Look for every possible advantage and see what others don’t.

T = Think about the results before you act and use patience as a guide.

H = Hear what others don’t, even when everything seems quiet.

Got stealth?

Staying above the water line!

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