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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Short Post on Self Control

Most survivalist blogs cover all of the "high points" about survival--how to live off the land, how to shoot, how to make a bunker out of your downtown apartment, etc. What many blogs don't cover are the personal skills needed to be effective in any situation.
One of the most important skills a person can have is self control. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen guys who drink, not to be amiably social, but to excess--to the point where they are rolling drunk. I have seen a guy spend his entire paycheck on the roulette tables--money that his family was probably counting on him to have in order to keep the rent paid and food on the table. I've seen more than a few people take a swing at someone, not in order to protect themselves but because some fool was mouthing off to them.
No matter the situation--whether you are having a bad day at work, you are in a physical situation that is quickly heading south, or TS is hitting TF, keeping your self control will do a few (good) things for you: your good reputation will remain in tact, you won't be known as the guy who can't hold his alcohol/temper/etc, you will throw others off balance (people may be taken aback when they can't push your buttons), you won't regret your actions later, and you will be known as the guy who can handle any situation with class and aplomb.
Keeping your self control, no matter the situation, is one of the classic personal skills that will help you during a disaster, but more often, during your everyday life.

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