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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Security Preps

Just interested in your preplanning/prepping for enhancing your overall home security. This is something that I've given a lot of thought to over the years and understand the various schools of thought. This is, of course, something that involves decision making in what is likely to be a very fluid environment. I don't have one single way to go about it, for the most part though these are relatively invisible to the outside.

* Included in my "preps" is a general home security container with a variety of hasps and locks, cheap bells, etc.

* I also have a modest # of battery operated audible contact alarms, these have limitations of course, but would serve their purpose for a time.

* I have precut lumber (2X4) for interior door stops. Also precut plywood and OSB for interior window covering. Not for all windows, just the most accessable.

* I also have designated a "safe room" that would be beefed up (with all of the above).

* In addition I plan, as needed, to add radiant "spike strips" (cheap lumber with screws & nails) to the roof under second story windows that access can be gained through.

* Inexpensive bells, tin cans, etc., would also be added strategically.

These are just few relatively inexpensive, simple ideas. The lumber is precut, drilled, marked and stuck in the corner of the garage ready to go. The idea is to put the material in place discretely and/or in a hurry if need be. None of this would necessarily defeat a determined person from entering my home, but would delay them and they would have to make quite a bit of noise allowing me valuable time to react.

I'm not asking for a critique on my advance home security preps as the stuff I listed here is not a complete list of my plans. I'm just wondering if/what everyone is pre-planning along these lines too.

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