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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making your own Peat Pellets...with toilet paper rolls and egg cartons!

Are you tired of paying hard-earned money every year for peat pellets in order to start your seeds? Me too!

I am not sure where I first found out about this crazy idea - but some internet searches demonstrated that there are tons of people out there using toilet paper/paper towel rolls and egg cartons instead of peat pellets!!! I could kick myself for not thinking of this on my own!!!

So get ready to learn how to save money, re-use toilet paper/paper towel rolls and egg cartons AND have a bunch of fun!

This is a very technical process so make sure to take notes - bahahaha!!!

What you'll need:

toilet paper rolls and/or paper towel rolls (and now that i think of it - Christmas wrapping paper rolls would work too!)
egg cartons
potting soil (either bought or made with your own compost!)

Let's start with the toilet paper/paper towel rolls!

Cut the toilet paper rolls in half...the paper towel rolls can be cut into 3 or 4 sections. Next, make 4 slits about 1 inch long on one side of the toilet paper/paper towel roll.

Fold the slits in the same way that you fold a box.

Here it is flipped over.

Fill the toilet paper/paper towel roll with soil.

See - I told you it was pretty technical! Again - I could kick myself for not figuring this out sooner!

Now get ready as we are going to go through the technical process of using egg cartons.

Remove the tops from the egg cartons.

Tear or cut the individual cups apart.

Fill with soil.

Pretty simple eh? And both the toilet paper/paper towel rolls and the egg cartons will fit 3 to a baggy so that you can still use the "MMpaints baggy method" of starting seeds! (For more info on the MMpaints baggy method, go here.)

Stay tuned for more seed starting adventures!

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