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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Need $$$ for Preps?

Here is one of those income streams I recently stumbled across. People String is a website/social network along the lines of face book. One major difference is that it pays you to use its services. Currently I am conducting a test of the earning potential of this site but wanted to share it with you all because I like what I see. Some of the key points of People String are:

   1. It's 100% free to join.
   2. They pay you to surf the web and do the things you normally do everyday.
   3. They share 70% of their advertising revenue with members.
   4. By networking with your own sphere of influence, you can maximize your earning potential.

Now, remember I did not say you can retire off of this site. This is not a get rich quick, make a zillion dollars in 40 seconds offer. What this can be, is another small stream that could help you build a worthwhile cash flow. Many of you are bloggers who use Google adsense as a method of raising funds. Consider this to be along the same lines.

If you decide to join there are a few things you can do to expand your earning potential.

   1. Make People String your homepage. You need to sign on at least once every twelve hours to earn the the maximum people points for the day.
   2. Add the websites you visit every day onto your people string homepage and use the homepage as a launching pad for your web activities. You will earn a little sliver for doing what you normally do for free.
   3. They provide links to Face book, Twitter, and most of the free email services. Access these sites through your People String Site to earn more.
   4. Search from Google, play games, read the news- all from the People String homepage; it will all make you money.


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