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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HOW-TO: Turn Off Natural Gas

In case you didn’t see the link on our Facebook Page, we were recently featured on the Prepper Podcast. In listening to the show, we realized that there were a lot of things that we claimed to just let our husbands take care of that could actually be problematic in an emergency if they weren’t home. So we decided to ask our handy (and handsome) husbands to teach us some of these things that we’ve always “left to them” in the past.
And of course, we wanted to share these “HOW-TO’s” with all of you so that you can be prepared too. (If you have already purchased a Food Storage Made Easy Binder we will DEFINITELY be including these as handouts in the free updates). So let’s get started!
In the event of an emergency, if you have identified a potential natural gas leak, it is important to shut off your natural gas and then report the leak to 911 or to your local gas company. Here is a quick video showing how to shut off your main gas valve as well as the gas to your furnace/water heater.

How to Identify an Outside Gas Leak:
  • Hissing, roaring or blowing sound
  • Dirt being blown into the air
  • Water being blown into the air at a pond, river, or creek
  • Continuous bubbling in wet, flooded areas
  • Fire at or near exposed piping
  • Flames apparently emanating from the ground
  • Dead or brown vegetation in an otherwise moist or green field
  • A “rotten-egg” odor (this is the most common sign inside your home)
Important Reminders:
  • The gas company has to come and restart your service if you shut off the gas, so make sure you only do it IF you identify a leak. If there is no leak then it is not necessary to turn off your gas.
  • If a gas leak is discovered, turn off any potential “ignition” sources and evacuate everyone from the area
  • Do not attempt to make repairs or extinguish fires
Taken from information found in the Questar Gas monthly newsletter

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