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Friday, March 26, 2010

Landscape to Enhance the Security of Your Home

By Bruce Hosea

Yup, landscaping can make your home less attractive to burglars and still be attractive.
Burglars like to observe their targets before they strike. They may look for a quick strike at a home that offers them the opportunity to look into a window and hide behind shrubbery.
Take a look at your property and consider these things:
Where would you hide?
Can you get into a flower bed and look into your windows and not be seen from the street?
Do you have really dark areas around your home?
There are simple options that can solve these problems without breaking your bank.
Instead of planting smooth leafed plants close to you windows, consider thorny bushes. There are attractive bushes that defend themselves with thorns. Consider the pyracantha bush. You may have to wear gloves to trim this jewel; bad guys will not hide close to it. Holly and cactus are other plants that deter close contact! These types of plants can be decretive and appealing to the eye. You don't have to choose ugly plants for protection.
Lighting can be a dramatic landscaping tool. Properly used, it can highlight and focus attention on outstanding features of your home. Lighting can also erase dark spaces that bad guys use for cover. Another option is a solar powered light that includes a motion detector. These only turn on when something moves in a specific detection cone and does not draw current from your home. These solar lights work even when power has been interrupted.
Areas to consider lighting with solar lights:
Drive way
Corners (use motion detectors)
Alcoves (use motion detectors)
Remember: You can increase the security of your home with surprise landscaping
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