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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Hazards - A Daily Dose of Danger

The fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. is the unintentional injuries caused by hazards in and around the home. Many people fail to realize the importance of making their home safer because a large number of people don't even know the problem of home hazards exists. You may consider your home the safest place you can be but there are plenty of dangers waiting for you right at home. Here are a few of the home hazards that can affect you and your family on a daily basis.

Home Hazards
1.) Accidental drowning caused by inadequate protection and monitoring of backyard swimming pools.
2.) Accidental poisonings due to improperly stored medications, chemicals and cleaning supplies.
3.) Improperly stored or secured firearms leading to accidental shooting injuries.
4.) Accidental scalding and burns caused by water heater temperatures set too high.
5.) Fires caused by the improper storage of flammable materials around the home.
6.) Injuries caused by the improper use of yard and garden equipment around the home, including such items as mowers, tillers and chainsaws.
7.) Falls caused by the improper use of ladders when doing home maintenance and repair.
8.) Bulky and heavy furniture items that are unsecured that can lead to serious injuries.
9.) Accidental deaths and injuries caused by motor vehicles while parked in your driveway. This is especially hazardous to many young children who may be playing in and around parked vehicles.
10.) Failure to make sure that home playground equipment such as swing sets, trampolines and other similar items have adequate safety measures in place.
There are numerous other hazards that exist in and around your home. Being aware of these hazards will only make you and your family safer when at home.
Got home safety?
Staying above the water line!


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