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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Uses for Duct Tape

1.) Use for emergency repairs to gear (tents, tarps, backpacks, raingear, etc.).
2.) Use for temporary repairs to a vehicle in an emergency (patch water hose, etc.).
3.) Use for emergency medical treatment (make splints, wrap sprains, secure bandages).
4.) Use to temporarily secure items in place to prevent loss.
5.) Use for the emergency water-proofing of most items.
6.) Use as a temporary repair for broken glass or windows.
7.) Use in an emergency as a temporary restraining device.
8.) Use to seal an emergency shelter to help make it water-proof.
9.) Use as a reflective coating to create an emergency signaling device.
10.) Anything not mentioned above.
Duct tape is an essential item for your survival kit.
Got duct tape?
Staying above the water line!

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