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Friday, January 16, 2009

100 % Self Sufficient?

Ok here’s a question that me and few of the guy's where debating about earlier today.Is it possible nowadays to be 100% self sufficient and live off what you grow, catch, hunt, rear or find? I personally think you can't but it will be really hard to get even 85, and you will have to work your socks off to be 100% yet many where not so sure how one can do it nowadays, but I would just like to hear other peoples views.

To do it 100% it would be a living hell I think personaly,- nothing at all from a shop -ever! Not even toiletries or perks like wine, vinegar, salt, nowt. Generating your own fuel, power etc, its just overwhelming. What about clothing etc, tools, do you make them out of the wool off your sheeps backs, walking round looking like some primitive! Dont think so, where do you draw the line? If theres anyone out there that reckons there 100% self sufficient there talking alot of B.S. , unless there a Hobo or live in a shack in the woods or some thing.Being moderatly self sufficient is very possible and achievable, growing/rearing/hunting/gathering the bulk of your food is very possible if you have a bit of land. Also producing extra produce to sell to pay rents/bills is do-able. Setting up and making your own fuel and power can be done, but you have to buy in the hardware dont you! Therefore not 100% self sufficient. I like to produce as much food as I can by gardening, or from the countryside, for my own consumption, as I belive it is a far healthier way of living. And I hate the supermarkets with a passion. I can produce better quality veg, and eggs and this year would like to raise a piglet for meat, than I could buy in any supermarket. Finding a happy medium is the way forward, do what you can, but I honestly belive that doing EVERYTHING yourself would be impossibel of time and wont work.

I am pretty much on the self sufficient path in learning to raise my own veg and hunting for meat, this coming year I need to learn to can my vegetables and some meat and those better storage for all seasons, less to be purchased other times of the year, everything else either in store or a freezer.I would like a larger Veg and Fruit garden in on my acreage. An to manage to get enough meat to feed the house and the dogs through shooting and fishing (I just dont have the right land to raise a calf however).

It's hard, don't get me wrong. You have to put the hours in 24/7. Do you benifit. only you can tell. Suits some, many others it's not for them.Anybody thinking of this life style think long and hard. It's not a Macho thing. It's a life style.It suit's me, that all I know.

Its not that hard living a bit more free if you've a good knowledge of what to eat and catch good preperation of the foods you clean is the main thing preserving is a must you can always trade game for stuff during the winter with others when theres not much growing if you run short.Its still legal in this country to forage for alot of berry & nuts in state forrest and such!

I would love to be more self sufficient. Im nowhere near where I want to be but i do try to kill and eat what i shoot and i try to forage a lot of stuff too. Each week prep,studying and improvise where I can...............


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