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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easy Camping Food...

When you think camping you often think "what's an easy camping food I can take along?" It can differ somwhat depending on the type of camping you're doing, but generally if you're doing anything other than RV camping then dried foods are the best and easiest to take with you.

Naturally when you're camping out of your RV you pretty much have the creature comforts of home and don't really require too much effort to be put into your food planning. You have a fridge and stove and don't really need to consider what may be the easiest food to prepare.

On the other hand, if you're camping out of a tent and and are trying to set up your meal plan then dried foods are your best choice. I usually take along a few packs of Lipton Sidekicks or Rice dishes. The beauty of taking food like this along is that it doesn't require you to be lugging around a giant cooler to keep it all cool and fresh. Secondly, It really doesn't tend to smell as strongly as food stored in a cooler. This, in my mind, means that animals will be less attracted to it and therefore less likely to be a nuisance in the night.

No matter what kind of food you bring however, be sure you don't keep it in your tent. You don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to find you are directly in the path of some animals' food source.

My favorite way to plan for some good meals while I camp is to dehydrate my own food. I make everything from chili to spaghetti sauce, to hearty beef and barley stews. The dehydrater cost me less than fifty bucks and I have been the envy of my friends many times on the trail as I've just had to add water to my chili and heat it up. Talk about easy camping food! It tastes just like it did when I made it two months ago!

The other benefit to dried food of course is that it's also lighter because all of the water content has been removed. This makes food substantially lighter to carry as well as not requiring the cooler to keep it fresh, so it's really more than one benefit when you plan your food properly especially if you're hiking and backpacking.

No matter what type of food you take camping though be sure to pack out your garbage. We don't want to spoil our woods and rivers with cans and food wrappers.

By: Ian Kurz


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