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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tarp Shelters

Tarp TentLight backpackers and hikers often run into a problem when trying to decide what to do about shelter. In some cases building shelters from natural materials can negate the need and the added weight of a tent. However, if you can’t find the appropriate building materials to construct a shelter, not having a tent can turn into a real problem.

Enter the tarp! A good tarp is both lighter and cheaper than the even the lightest of tents and has a number of advantages that make it much more attractive to a light backpacker.

Wilderness Tarp over Hammock

Why Tarps make a good shelter for light hikers and backpackers.

  • Tarps are great in the rain….. No one wants the hassle of setting up a tent in a rainstorm, and building a shelter out of natural materials can take hours. A good tarp can be put up in less than 60 seconds and can help you stay dry until the rain stops.
  • A tarp is far lighter than any other type of backpacking shelter.
  • Tarps are cheaper that tents.
  • When combined with a hammock they make a great outdoor shelter.
  • Tarps are a great backup plan, in case you can’t find natural materials to build a shelter with.

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