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Friday, January 16, 2009

SHTF: Survivalist New Years Resolutions

I hate New Years resolutions.

Most people do not keep them and it is a symbolic waste of time.

They pack the gym and buy the bikes. They put in the big order to Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. They clean the "fat clothes" out of the closet. They make lists and stick them on the refrigerator door.

Come February, they are parked in front of the TV watching American Home Idol with the Stars and stuffing their faces with Twinkies and Diet Coke. The exercise bike holds clothes and the fridge door is covered with kid drawings and coupons.

However, with the new year staring in less than a week, it is time for all of us to take stock where we are today and what we need to be preparing for in 2009.

How about a Survivalist To Do List for 2009 rather than a bunch of silly resolutions?

1) Start building up a cash supply
Cash will be the mode of exchange for days, weeks or months before the ax finally falls on society. Even afterwards, some fool will still take a Ben Franklin for a can of beans or roll of toilet paper long after the fall.

Start cutting lunches and coffee out. Stop buying treats at the 7-11. Take your lunch to work. Quit smoking. You know, all the little ways to save $20,50 or 100.00 a week.

Put that cash in a jar or envelope in the house somewhere and don't touch it. Stick your pocket change in another jar, sort it for junk silver and roll it for more green backs. Put those back too.

2) Build that food supply
Food is king. And food is cheap. Cheaper than that rifle or truck you want. Food is readily available at the corner market or Super Wal Mart.

Start buying an extra 6 cans of something, 10 pounds of rice, a bag of sugar or flour and so forth every time you go to the market. Put everything into a five gallon bucket you can get at the hardware store. Label it, close it and stick in the back of the closet.

3) Keep your car filled
Gas runs the world despite what all the renewable blabber mouths say. Remember Katrina? All the people with a quarter tank of gas stranded on the interstate? Keep your car above three quarters of a tank. Now it is easier than ever that gasoline has dropped in price.

If you want, and this is your risk if you do, keep a five gallon can filled in the garage or car port.

For sure, get 3,4 or 5 empty gasoline containers and put them in the garage. I carry an empty five in the back of my truck for just in case.

4) Plant something you can eat
A corner of the yard, ten big containers, the flower beds out back, heck, the whole backyard. Plant some food as soon as the weather permits.

Grow tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, anything that can be eaten and is good for you.

While you are at it, plant a fruit or nut tree on your property as well if you can. Plant something now before next fall when the stores are empty.

5) Start cleaning out your house and getting rid of the clutter
Sell your surplus junk and make some extra money for preparedness supplies. Have a garage sale, Craiglist or Ebay it. FreeCycle for that pile of stuff nobody will pay you for. Someone will want it and free is good.

6) Start a real health and fitness program
Eat right - fruits, vegetables, whole grains and less red meat, fats and stupid carbohydrates (beer, cake, cookies, junk).

Go the doctor and get a full physical. Do what he says (short of loading up on prescriptions).

Start walking every day. Buy a second hand bike and ride it to work once a week if possible, and to the grocery store.

Integrate exercise into your daily life and you won't quit.

7) Get some more clothes
After the SHTF the most valuable asset after food will be clothes and shoes well fitted for the post-SHTF world. My kids love their video console, but the price of it, I could have bought 4 pairs of good jeans, or two pairs of work boots or a couple of sets of Carhardts.

Jeans, coats, work shoes, socks, underwear, etc. will be worth their weight in gold in the month after the big one. Go buy a few extra things as money permits.

8) Get a bug out bag for the car and office
Stock an old back pack or duffle with the following:
- change of clothes
- pair of sock
- walking shoes or boots
- 6 .5 liters of water
- A Camelback (1.5 liter)
- 6 protein bars
- 4 Ramen noodles
- 4 Oatmeal
- 6 tea bags
- Condiment packet including sugar, salt, pepper
- Lip balm, sunscreen and bug spray
- rain coat, folding poncho
- tarp
- matches or lighter
- flashlight
- multi tool

Keep it in your office and another in your car.

9) Buy a gun
A .22, 9mm, 12 guage shotgun, bolt action rifle, etc.
Take it to a public range and practice shooting.
Buy enough ammunition as needed - 500 or 1000 rounds or more.

While never preaching that violence is best, having the means to defend your family and home is irreplaceable.

10) Water
Not a specific action, but a list.
Stock water in bottles and containers.
Get a good water filter and replacement cartridges.
Find alternate sources of water where you live.. well, spring, creek, river, rain barrels.

Water is essential to life and you never have too much when you don't have any.

10.5) Start learning
Make an effort to learn new skills.
Learn to fix things yourself.
Learn to build things yourself.
Learn to do things like canning or gardening by putting practice into action.
Start reading things that will help you and your family survive and thrive in the new world.

Resolutions are a waste of time, but resolving to do better in the new year is not only smart, but may save your life.

Happy New Year


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