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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adapting to Adversity

Being able to adapt to the adverse conditions that occur during a crisis or an emergency will help you be better prepared. Even creatures in nature have to adapt to different conditions in order to survive extreme changes in their environment. People that learn to adapt will survive and those who don’t may suffer the effects of any adverse conditions they encounter.
Adapting to change can be a difficult process that will require many people to expend additional effort when normal routines are interrupted. People are generally creatures of habit and become comfortable in their environment when they have developed a daily routine that is both familiar and comfortable. Unfortunately, changing your daily routines can be hard to accomplish.
Why change or vary your daily routine? Varying your daily routine from time to time will help you learn to adapt to changing conditions. You will also be better able to deal with small emergencies when they occur with fewer disruptions to your life. These disruptions can then be easily overcome without creating a major event that leaves you in a state of panic.
Adapting to small changes will increase your ability to deal with larger disruptions, if and when they occur. You can then become comfortable with change when it occurs and approach it with a new outlook that will allow you to overcome the adversity created by a crisis or an emergency.
How well can you adapt to change?
Staying above the water line!

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