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Friday, March 5, 2010

CPR training

Are You Prepared Or Just Worried?

By Bruce Hosea

You have a choice. Which will it be? I'm not talking about being perfectly prepared for any incident. I'm talking about taking simple steps to become more self reliant.
What can you do? Try some of these ideas:
* Join the neighborhood watch group.

* Install area lighting on your property. Solar lights with motion detectors work great and don't drain the budget.

* Install a security alarm. There are many choices. Look at what will work for your home and budget. There are alarm systems for apartments that sense someone moving the door and there are whole home units that have sensors on every door and window. Somewhere in between are items that you can use and build upon as time and resources permit.

* Observe the normal traffic in your area. What is normal? Be sure that a trusted neighbor knows when you are away.

* Get some extra canned goods and water for an emergency.

* Take a first aid and CPR class.

* Build a first aid kit for the home and for the shop.

* Put at least one interior light on a timer.

* Consider leaving a radio on when you are away.

* NEVER open your door to strangers.

* Observe your surroundings.

* Develop a Family Action Plan
Each of these steps can make a big difference to you and to your family. I'm not talking about building an underground mountain retreat and getting away from society (sometimes that doesn't like such a bad idea). I'm talking about small things that will support your family when power goes out or when property crime goes up. Buy a case of bottled water the next time you are at one of the big warehouse stores. Having extra water stored in the garage works well throughout the year. Each of these steps takes very little time and recourses.
Remember: Thinking that you are helpless is wrong and foolish.
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