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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drawbacks of Traditional Survivalism

I’ve read James Rawles latest book…which I will be posting on over the next week or so.  It was worth the money for the person interested in traditional survival, chock full of advice and info.  Most folks into preparing for the worst are of the majority and I will be recommending this book to them.
But I’m not sure if what’s emphasized would work for black folks as a whole.
I respect Rawles.  He cares about people, regardless of race.  But he sees things from a majority point of view.  I would love to talk to him about it, but I’d never approach him now on the issue, especially due to his sad bereavement, the loss of his wonderful and loving life partner.  It’s simply not a comfortable topic for them.
But I do know Rawles has recommended the approach of having what’s needed, including skills and other commonalities such as Christianity, to be accepted and blend in with a majority survival group for survival-minded minorities.
I think a black person or a small family could and would be accepted as part of a white survivalist group and blend in.  But there are dangers to this.  Would they really consider you as valuable as one of them regardless of your skills, or would there be the unspoken reality of the way it is in the movies where the black is always the one to be killed?  They feel sad about it and all, but still.
You know you could never honestly discuss race with them, at least as a group, no matter how much it affected you.  How much would you be considered an other?  Unless the majority group is one you know intimately and have a long term relationship with–I think trying to blend could be dangerous.  
And going it alone or trying to survive as a group of blacks (or Mexicans in some areas) in the boonies as Rawles recommends …I doubt if traditional survivalism is the right approach to take at all.
I advocate preparing to get outta Dodge, far out, based on history and what happens during real life SHTF scenarios throughout the world.  Generally, the minorities, especially the despised minorities, survive best by getting the hell out to somewhere safer.  In America, for blacks this would mean leaving the country entirely.
Rural America is unfortunately rather ignorant, xenophobic and provincial.  Unless you belong there already..and blacks seldom really belong.  My family on both sides has lived in rural Kansas for decades, back into the 19th century, so I know–you will never truly be a part of that community.  They know of us, but we are on the edges, segregated into our own churches, etc. for day to day life.  They don’t know us and we are considered different from them.  Thus we are easily sacrificed and it’s easy to become suspicious and paranoid of us when under stress.
My friend lives on a Kansas farm of hundreds of acres that has been in their black family since the Cherokee run.  I was on the phone with her once when some white men rode up in a pick up truck screaming “We know Niggers live here, come on out!”  She was home alone and she simply picked up her rifle and let out the dogs.  They eventually went away, but the reality was she had to be prepared to shoot it out with a bunch of white men without her husband. It wasn’t a fantasy like it is for most white Americans, but her reality.
When the shit hits the fan, she and her family know they will have to retreat.  Their land is simply not defensible by a few people.  She and her family are friends with her white neighbors.  But she tells me it’s clear she’s not considered one of them.  My friend’s family has money and a farm with equipment and plenty of grain storage.  The people surrounding them don’t think of blacks as quite human, so what are they going to do if society breaks down? Those guys will be back at my friend’s house, screaming nigger with murder and looting in mind. This is not the Hollywood fantasy whites have of gang members somehow comin’ to get them somewhere in Idaho, it’s the stone cold reality of their proximity to a good portion of people who consider them less human than they are. My friend’s family is well armed with good ammo stores and they could fight, but they are outnumbered even if their extended family joins them. Wisely, they will get out before things deteriorate completely if it comes to that.  We hope to meet up with her and her family out of the country.
If the SHTF scenario does not include cities being destroyed or mass genocide and if the descent is slow, with systems gradually disentegrating rather than ceasing all at once, the city could work for survival.  In the country anybody different or scary will be a target.  You can hide in the city.  You can blend in the city without being preyed upon and get what you need.  The cities are centers of trade and bartering.    That includes getting a way out.  They have communities that help each other there that will accept us.
When the Soviet system collapsed, people in the cities survived.  In the war zones some folks in the cities hide and survive while people in isolated homesteads are more easily overcome and slaughtered.  If you were Iraq, amongst the warring religious and tribal sectarians and the invading Americans would you want to be hiding somewhere in Baghdad or out in the countryside?  Unless I was in inaccessible caves, or in some carefully hidden underground bunker, I’d put my odds on surviving in Baghdad, preferably underground and mobile, but at least surviving.
So, if you have a few hundred grand or several million to sink into survival, I’d advise you put it set up an escape route out of this country and the means to exercise it rather than buy land and equip some fortification somewhere in the western, rural United States. These people don’t bother themselves about race, because they don’t have to…but many are rabidly racist when it comes down to blacks.
Can you see a black group of significant size or even a family buying a spread in Idaho with survival in mind?
The people around you would be hyper aware of the group because of  race.  They would be aware of the security and the defenses and they would be fearful.  White fear is dangerous.  Can you imagine an armed black family or group in Idaho?  Seriously.  If the shit hit the fan, or even if it didn’t…I don’t see those folk being left alone to survive.
If that group ever used their weapons against whites in self defense, they’d simply be destroyed.  No effort would be spared to kill everyone down to the last baby, even if missiles had to be obtained to do it.  Talk about being over run by a rampaging horde.
Even the cheaper advice to buy a piece of land and put a travel trailer on it isn’t made with us in mind.  Unless you are living with whites…history shows us who the targets are in America during any time of stress.   There are more blacks in the South, but going down there isn’t the answer.  We KNOW what they do to the blacks down there.
Martial law, financial collapse, any shit hitting the fan, you know the first thing they are going to want to do is to go out and shoot some Negroes.  The real murders during Katrina?  They discovered they weren’t done by black gang members…rather it was white men going out and killing black men out of fear and self-protectiveness.  But nobody talks about that.  That would be using the race card.
Sigh.  You know if things change quickly…we have to be ready to get out of here.
Originally posted 2009-09-18 09:54:00.
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