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Monday, March 1, 2010

World War I poster. "Waste not, want not....

Survival Kitchen–Top Ten Food Storage Myths

            The Ready Store’s blog has a post on the top ten food storage myths, and I encourage you to take a look at it. Meanwhile, I’ll share the main points here because they’re certainly worth considering.

Myth #10: The Government Will Give Me Food in an Emergency.

            Even the government tells you to have at least a three day supply of food on hand. It may take that long or longer before they get to you, if they come with food at all. It’s best to be self reliant.

Myth #9: I’ll Never Be in a Disaster Where I Need Food Storage.

            Oh? What if it’s not a natural disaster that puts you in a bind? If you’re injured or have lost your job, use stored food and pay bills with what you would have spent on food.

Myth #8: Food Storage Tastes Disgusting.

            Have you tried it lately? It’s much better these days with so many more delicious choices.

Myth #7: Food Storage is a Pain to Rotate.

            Not to worry. The way long term storage food is packaged these days, it can last 30 years.

Myth #6: To Live Off Food Storage I Have to Do Things Like Grind Wheat and Bake My Own Bread.

            Make all the bread you want, or don’t make any at all. Freeze dried food preparation only requires hot water and waiting a few minutes.

Myth #5: Only Fanatics and Doomsdayers Get Food Storage.

            You might be surprised how many “normal” people are being prudent and getting storage food. Didn’t your grandparents or great grandparents have a root cellar full of preserved food?

Myth #4: I Don’t Have Room For Food Storage.

            Everybody has nooks and crannies they could use for at least a couple weeks worth of food. How about under your bed? Get creative.

Myth #3: You’re Better Off Saving Money than Stockpiling Food Storage.

            What if you can’t get to your money in an emergency because banks are closed, power’s out, etc.? If you’d use money in an emergency to buy food, why not spend it for storage food now so you won’t have to buy food in a time of crisis?

Myth #2: I Can Just Use the Food in My Fridge or Cupboards For Food Storage.

            If power’s out for long, there goes whatever’s in your fridge or freezer. Willl you be able to cook what’s in your cupboard without electricity?

Myth #1: Food Storage is Way Too Expensive and I Can’t Afford It.

            Considering how long storage food keeps, your overall cost for a year’s supply may reduce to about $100 a year. Besides, when you prioritize things, do you need a bigger TV set now, or would you be better off with food you can eat in an emergency?

            Check out The Ready Store’s storage food offerings, such as their Ultimate Year’s Supply, then become a storage food myth buster.

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